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"Kafkaesque" - Screen Slate

"Lively and engaging" - Variety

"An eye opening, moving and often shocking film" - ScreenDaily

"Engaging, intimate and full of life" - Film School Rejects

"Immersive" - The Hollywood Reporter

"A remarkable work of documentary storytelling, raw, intimate and subsequently quite profound" - Hammer to Nail

"A fascinating snapshot of a country" - Salt Lake City Weekly

"Explores issues with an emphatically compassionate approach." - FilmJournal

“...recalls the observational techniques and insights of the films of Frederick Wiseman.” - Village Voice

"Diaz masterfully captures the Fabella Memorial Hospital and a number of immediately engaging subjects, guiding audiences into their world and experiences of motherhood so completely that it almost feels as if they’ve been watching a continuing series for several seasons." - Whatnottodoc

“Motherland” is an extraordinary vérité portrait of Manila’s Fabella Hospital, where an average of 60 babies are born daily, making it the busiest maternity ward in the predominantly Catholic country, and reportedly in the world. - LA Times

"With Motherland, Diaz proves herself a visionary force to be reckoned with.” - Indie Entertainment News

"a poignant look into a contemporary social issue as well as a film with substantial aesthetic worth in its own right."
- New Bloom Magazine, Brian Hioe

"Control Over Your Reproductive Health Is Proof Of Empowerment: Ramona Diaz's documentary 'Motherland' is a wake-up call for every Filipino." - Cosmo Philippines

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